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Why you should get your roof cleaned!

Insurance companies are cancelling policies due to the roof and exterior of homes being dirty!  Make sure you protect your investment and keep it clean before it is too late!  Prowash is here to help!

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We began this business years ago in South Carolina.  Since moving to Florida, we have seen the need to open business in this area due to the high temperatures and humidity causing shingles to grow algae and fungus.  Here's the thing: roof algae is a living thing, and it's feeding off of your shingles (actually, it's feeding off of a limestone filler commonly used in shingle production). If it's not taken care of, it will take years off of the life of your roofing.If your roof isn't cleaned regularly, especially if the algae is visibly noticeable, it can lead to rapid deterioration of your shingles, which has a few effects:

  • Since your shingles help block UV rays, you'll drop in your home's energy efficiency and steep rise in your AC bills.
  • You'll have to replace your roofing much sooner than you should need to, and that can cost upwards of $10,000.

We would love the chance to help you restore what you’ve worked hard to acquire.  We give free estimates and you do not pay until you are 100% satisfied!  We offer a 3 year warranty, if any spot comes back, we come take care of it with no charge to you!  You won’t regret the decision to invest in your home!

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Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning process chemically treats and "soft washes" your roof to remove the algae that has caused the discoloration of your shingles.  We will not only make it more aesthetically pleasing, but our treatment will bring your shingles back to life!  We offer a 3 year warranty.  You pay NOTHING until the job is done and you are satisfied!

*Also offer pressure washing services and gutter cleaning*

Before you pay to get a new roof, allow us to come give you a free estimate to have it cleaned!  If we feel it needs to be re-shingled, we have several roofing companies we can suggest.  Before you spend thousands, let us see if we can take care of the problem for a fraction of the price!


Exterior Cleaning

 We also offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning (if not purchased with a roof cleaning package), and any other exterior  structures.  We have a magic chemical that will take away the toughest grit, grime, and fungus!  This is a pressure-less process!

We also specialize in cleaning and maintaining vacation/rental homes!


Pressure Washing Services

We never pressure wash your roof, but we do offer pressure washing services!  Let us clean your sidewalks, driveway, and pool deck! Message us for the most competitive prices! 

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please contact us to set up your pressure washing home service or with any questions on our services. We look forward to working with you!

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